Destroying Desires


Destroying Desires

I use multiple disciplines in my work, including painting, poetry and performance to explore psychological themes. This performance is the culmination of a personal investigation into betrayal, the shadow archetype and projection as understood in Jungian psychology.

We do ‘not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious’ (Carl Jung)

We are constantly being shaken into frenzied states of desire or hate, by our shadows. This is the darkness that lies behind all judgment, racism, homophobia, betrayal, violence etc. All the dark and repressed elements of the self which we wish to hide from the world; we project onto others. If we don’t learn to recognise this shadow and incorporate it consciously into our personalities, then it can assume control over our behaviour with sometimes devastating consequences.

Here is a link to my live performance:


and heres a link to the music and spoken word poetry video I projected as part of my live performance:

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