DJCAD Reflective Research Journal – Week Eleven

I spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday choosing and arranging photographs on to sheets for printing. Then on Thursday, took down all my drawings and prints from my studio wall and began working out what to display as resolved work for assessment. Got the bulk of it chosen and hung/arranged. Around this I have been editing videos and uploading to Vimeo, my website and social media also for assessment. I have also started reworking a painting, which I don’t like, but which I feel is kind of central to the project and have left it to dry while I go home for the weekend. I feel pretty on top of things in general though. Nearly all my written work is done, and my essay is submitted as both a digital and hard copy now.

In addition to four paintings, the string of canvas squares entitled: Shadow Stains, a portfolio of prints, the paper and plaster sculpture which I have changed from calling: Destroying Desires to Seepage, my Rubatosis piece, my ceramic tiles and possibly the ceramic mask, I need to put together a presentation board of images of my live performance with a write up. I am probably going to hang the mask and vagina shorts I wore for the performance with it.  Apart from this, one more video to finish and the painting to finish, I am done!

I have started writing down ideas for next semester, I mean I have been doing that throughout the last couple of months as well, but more specific ideas, that lead on from this project…or do I want to get away from this subject matter for a while…? My performance was supposed to be an exorcism of sorts…but there’s such gold in this subject and it could provide material for lots more performance work.

The shadow archetype is quite a specific subject, though there are a lot of different aspects I could explore. The area I have worked on is much more specific, compared to some other people’s work. I think maybe I tend to choose narrow subjects and then restrict myself by not allowing myself to stray out of it. Also, in trying to break out of the painting technique and style I have used for the last 20 years or so, even though it has evolved slightly over time, I feel my work is all over the place in terms of style. That’s partly just being exposed to lots of new materials and techniques suddenly, but actually the most variation is across the 4 or 5 paintings I have done, rather than all the other media.

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