DJCAD Third Year Fine Art – Semester 2

Rachel Bride Ashton – Artists Statement

I have a cyclical, organic creative process whereby drawings, paintings, objects, installation and film generate characters, scenarios and microcosms. These often precipitate a performance which generates words, sound and video narrative, then back round again. This way of working redefines and confuses the contexts of my work in a teeming, effervescing conglomeration. 

I challenge the patriarchal and technocratic appropriation of our health and lifestyles and investigate the 90% non-human part of us, our microbiome, formed at birth. I play the comic stereotype of a natural, hairy, animal-woman, a faecal fairy, celebrating good bacteria and its sources, dancing for the rights of the marginalised parts of the fragmented human and calling for reunification of the whole human bio-cosmic garden. She morphs between plant, animal and human, giving birth to herself whilst spreading psychobiotics. I document scatological processes, involving separation compost toilets, wild fermentation and explore the journey of natural vaginal birth, its effluvia and the disease resistance it can provide for life.

Finished Installation

A Mouthful of the Trinity – The Making

Dr Wolf

Fermenting Fairy

Poo Friends

Rich Poo

Snow Birds, Snow Pee


Butt Life 2