Reflective Research Journal – 4th Year – Week Two

This image was inspired by Sally Mann’s photograph ‘The Three Graces’, which pictures the artist and her two daughters peeing together outside, naked and standing. Swipe for my sketch from her photograph.

I did an instagram post – could be part of my artists statement – I am interested in the animal in us which we are encouraged to deny as part of civilised society. This naturally leads to an interest in the scatological. The joyful and unashamed celebration of bodily fluids and excretions and our methods of expulsion or leakage. I am joining the trend  of art depicting women peeing, which I am seeing more and more. I am also interested in our cultural suppression of the animal, particularly during our modern childbirth rituals. #contemporaryart #contemoraryart #femaleartist #activistart #bodyautonomy #womenpeeingstandingup #bodyfluids #contemporaryphotographer #fineart #deanimalise #animalia #performanceart #performanceartist #fettishisingnature #freethepee #videoartist #videoart #exhibitionist #poser #pissingwomen #rachelbrideashton

Visited Delia Baillie and Kate McLeod’s exhibition at Wasps Studios – ‘Close Mouth’. Great name and beautiful combining of work, ceramics and painting.

I booked into the clay workshops and started making ceramic objects that were coiled organic shaped pillars of various heights, based on the shapes of poo, worms, intestines, slugs and plant shoots and leaves which also looked like tongues. I left openings in them to maybe have sewn, cloth objects emerging/erupting out of them. They are to form part of my installation around the separation compost toilet.

 The Fika event went great. Also went to Generator Projects opening afterwards ( Friday the 8th October), both events felt like the first proper art openings since before lockdown, felt great. The Generator one is called ‘mmmmm’ A brilliantly curated drawing based exhibition which felt like walking into one of those slightly sinister children picture books I loved so much from the 70’s which you don’t get any more, because they have all been made light and fluffy and sanitized for the modern age.

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