Reflective Research Journal – 4th Year – Week Three

Went to see the Mary MacIntyre exhibition again, at the DCA, after the curators tour last week. It one of those exhibitions which definitely benefits from hearing someone talk passionately about it. I was particularly drawn to the photograph of the corner of a dilapidated room which looked like a body. I listened to the interview with Mary McIntyre too and it’s interesting that she doesn’t call her self a photographer. 

I also watched Chikako Yamashiro’s films for the first time in gallery 1 and wrote some poetic lines in response. In the film ‘Choros of the Melodies’, she used stills/photographs. Shown for several seconds each, with a woman on a forest floor in slightly different positions, like a very slo-mo animation. Also the focus shifted from the tree beaches we were seeing her through to her, but still using stills and slow blended transitions. I thought it was unusual how many different filming techniques she used throughout all three films. 

In response to ‘Sinking Voices, Red Breath’ I wrote:

Incomprehensible words from an unmoving mouth

Bouquet of microphones on the sea bed

She swims fish like, find for feet

The mics bob deeply searching for mouths

Water kiss

Violent swell and bubble rush. 

Went to see Generator Projects’s degree show exhibition in the Wellgate space on friday and on Saturday went to Glasgow and saw the upstairs exhibition at GOMA, (they were installing a new exhibition downstairs), Christian Noelle Charles’s exhibition at the CCA, the exhibition at Tramway, and my brother (Ben Ashton’s) new screen-printing studio in Calton which he renovated (and in places rebuilt) himself. CC’s work in the CCA, and some of the print work in Tramways last exhibition was printed in his studio. On Sunday I went to see all three Dundee exhibitions again.

Jade Montserrat’s film ‘Clay’
How all art films should be viewed!
Dig 21: Hetain Patel – Dont Look at the Finger

Sign language at a wedding becomes strange body language and dance/Kung Fu. Intricate costumes which can transform. Loved this.

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