Reflective Research Journal – 3rd Year – Week Twenty Two

This one is late again! I have been finishing up and submitting my Dissertation research report. I also submitted a proposal for a talk at DJCAD’s IN-GEAR Conference to celebrate Woman’s History Month and was accepted. I talked on ‘Patriarchal Appropriation and Medicalisation of Childbirth in Contemporary Visual Art and Media Culture’, the subject I have been researching for my research report and also my studio practice. The Conference was on Teams last Wednesday and went very smoothly. There were about 14 speakers and more than 50 delegates at the live streamed event. It felt like a very good thing to be part of, there were lots of great talks and many interconnected threads. I felt I struggled with the questions at the end a little though, maybe partly because they were mostly comments rather than questions. In the heat of the moment it was hard to think straight and of course I thought of better responses later, I hope I wasn’t too inept sounding though! I won the feminist themed quiz at the end though, which was a nice unexpected bonus.

A new research forum has been set up for Intersectional Gender Equality in the Arts Research (IN-GEAR), and I am one of the founder members as a result of being part of the conference. You can hear my talk below.

Earlier in the week I had my last tutorial with Erica and after talking to her I decided to make a video of my installation with some of the other video work within it, showing how it could be installed in an ideal situation. Not sure exactly how yet, but I am taking little films of the process of making it all as I go along and lots of photos and I have started rearranging the structure also. There is now a painted cardboard bum above the big vulva screen with the paper, painted, rainbow poo coming out. It gives the impression of the start of a kind of totem pole of body parts. I took various photos of me standing with my head inside the vagina, from both sides, looking down and up, mouth open to catch the magic faecal bacteria! I might make a giant boob too, with rainbow wires/threads shooting out like a fountain, to complete the triumvirate of magic ingredients to seed the perfect microbiome. 

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