Reflective Research Journal – 4th Year – Week Nine

Does every generation feel that things are getting worse? And as we get older do the threats of our time feel more dystopian than when we were younger? As I work on paintings of poop being consumed by magical creatures and becoming one with a vivid miasmic world through rainbow strands of good bacteria and mycelium and lush, fantastical plants and sketch strong upright woman, birthing new lives from their vaginas, I try not to think about Putins attack on Ukraine and all the other fear and conflict around the world or about the machine like grip of the pharmaceutical companies .

Possible Bio for Patreon…

I am a Scottish artist who lives off grid and is a little obsessed with, gut health and good bacteria, separation compost toilets, natural birth, sunlight, and growing, finding and eating dark green things. I write, perform, make music, films, sculpture, paintings, drawings, prints, ceramics, clothes and wild fermented foods and drinks. I read, walk, grow veg, do yoga, only shop in charity shops and then do all the usual stuff that most animals do and I like to talk about it all. I have lived and still live below the poverty line, sold lots of paintings, saved money, bought a bit of land with family, hope-educated or even home-educated two, now grown children, lived in a shed, planted lots of trees, inherited a little money, built a handmade house from natural materials with no planning permission or insurance, watched it all burn down, built some of it up again by the kind donations of friends and strangers and then gone to art school (still there). I have been in a long-term relationship which has survived many issues, including infidelity, grief, trauma, separation and being long distance. I am the oldest of 7 children of separated parents and stepparents several times over and have spent many years in therapy, analysing dreams and making art about my experiences. And here, I will share it with you, my especially interested followers!  

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