Reflective Research Journal – 4th Year – Week Five

Final painting and glazing of the first set of ceramic objects which are to be part of the separation compost toilet part of my degree show installation. Still need to paint and glaze the urine separator and other some other objects. Started a large experimental painting on a piece of unstretched canvas on the wall. Trying out ideas.  It’s not very satisfying painting on material that moves and changes shape with the paint, especially as I didn’t prime it either.  Just using acrylic with brushes and my new air brush. Having discovered I should wear a full protective respirator while spray painting and gotten hold of one, it’s now an ordeal to use it, rather than a pleasure! Oh well, such is the case with much hi-teching.

Booked room 601 and a video camera for two days and shot a few videos of me performing in my ‘celebration of bacteria costume’ and have edited it and added sound now. Also did a photo/video shoot with myself with Guen and Laurie naked for my (remembering?) birth positions painting.

Went to see The Scottish Dance Theatres ‘Amethyst’ directed by Zeph and Ben’s friend Mele Broomes which Zeph did the costumes for (she got me the ticket too) at Dundee Rep. It was impressive to see what was a could be done with just three dancers, really captivating, from the voice at the beginning (repeating lines of poetry is if spoken by the stones, through a voice changer), costumes, lighting and the last sequence was the dancers under what looked like purple fabric enacting a sort of living amethyst (the fabric was actually gold with purple light on it). Made me think about what can be done with light which is something I haven’t really utilised at all. Met up with Mele and Zeph in the DCA after and asked Mele all about the process of making a show like that. She asked about my degree show and was very encouraging about my performance work which she’d seen and said I should defo do a performance on the night. I am thinking I probably should too….got ideas already…if we get a physical degree show. 

The second performance ‘TuTuMucky’ was also incredible. I am not sure I have seen much contemporary dance performed live and I have certainly never seen anything like that. How can the human body and choreographers keep coming up with such different material??!

Took the ’birthing positions’ videos I made with Guen and Laurie and chose some screen shots to print out for painting.  Also tried out some watercolour versions of two compositions. Will hopefully get to discuss this idea with Delia at my open tutorial with her tomorrow.

Also looked up an artist whose artist statement was mentioned in the Monday lecture, and which contained themes kind of similar to my work: Dominique Savitri Bonarjee. I am investigating her website. 

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