Album Coming Soon!

repair cover 1 copy

I am just finishing my year at college studying music and after learning all about how music is made and researching some really interesting and innovative musicians, like for example Laurie Anderson, I have been having great fun, making experimental electronic style music with spoken word. Look out for some of this coming soon…and theres already some snippets to hear on my music page

But I want to reassure those waiting patiently for a copy of my long promised album of my more folk style music and who contributed to my crowdfunding campaign, back before the fire in 2016 and anyone who missed the campaign, but still wants a copy (digital or CD)…(phew, long sentence!) …that I have been working hard on promised album all year, making good use of the facilities and knowledge of my tutors at college. I decided to start over, from scratch. Recording and playing all instruments (midi mostly) and mixing myself… There’s a wee bit more to be done…and mastering, but I am aiming at a release date sometime this summer definitely before September… (when I start a new adventure)… Here’s a wee section of the album cover as it’s pretty much ready…give me a shout if you would like to pre-order…and if you paid into the crowd funder and are waiting, feel free to remind me of your details…though hopefully all your details are still accessible… And I haven’t left it too long…!


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