DJCAD Third Year Fine Art – Semester 1

DJ31011 Independent Creative and Professional Practice 1

Rachel Bride Ashton – Artists Statement

I have a cyclical, organic creative process whereby drawings, paintings and prints generate characters, scenarios and microcosms. These often precipitate a performance which then becomes a poem, which generates sound and video, then back round again. This way of working redefines and confuses the contexts of my work in a teeming, effervescing conglomeration. 

I question the situation we currently find ourselves in: Our mechanistic perception of health; our blind faith in modern medicine; our acceptance of Mindbody Dualism, scientific materialism and the media’s systematic psychological attack. Since subversive views are silenced, I use my thoughts, words and images to create a coded language. Scrambling and encrypting to evoke misinformation – but is information not subjective? What is misinformation but non-mainstream opinion? Fiction, poetry, art? 

In my video, I play the maligned and comic stereotype of a natural, hairy, animal-woman. In my paintings, she morphs between plant, animal and human, partially giving birth to herself whilst spreading good bacteria that spills out into installation. At the Quantum Disco Protest, she dances for the rights of the marginalised parts of the fragmented human and calls for reunification of the whole human bio-cosmic garden. Simultaneously, she asserts independence from the codependent nature of conventional medicine, sickness and thinking.

Link to my C.V.

Video I made during lockdown, continuing with the themes I worked on in 2nd year
Video I began during lockdown and continued to work on in semester 1, which began the following work (as part of a project I originally called Gossip Generator)

Quantum Disco Protest