Artist’s Statement, Workshops,Contact and Links




I integrate all aspects of an artistic lifestyle and my environmental concerns into my practice. My work can be inward looking, paintings and songs examining psychological issues through dreams. I am also moved by my surroundings in the North East of Scotland, my deep concern for environmental degradation and the impact that we have on nature.
In the last few years I have been developing my practice through experimenting with handmade natural paint and printing techniques and integrating music, drawing and the sung and written word through the use of video and other media.

I am currently and artist in residence with Deveron Projects, Huntly. My joint project “Walking Without Walls” is with Gaza painter, May Murad and involves among other things, digital friendship and cultural exchange, wildplant journalling and culminates in the annual slow marathon in April 2018. Details here.


WORKSHOPS – See for details of my summer workshops. Painting workshops will resume after the summer.

art class 3

Instinctive creative  painting workshops!
Fearless, freestyle, intuitive, expressive, creative Art for the careful, under confident or anyone who just wants to have fun with colour. There will be a chance to try out different media, starting with acrylic and oil.

Fearless Painting, Evening Workshops.  Fortnightly, Wednesdays and Fridays  6 – 9 pm at MakerSpace Huntly, 5 Duke Street, Huntly. Above Sinclair’s Bakery. BYOB or hot drinks provided. £25 per person, includes all materials. 

Think Painting parties for groups of friends! I also do demonstrations, for art groups etc, and if you would like me to come to a venue near you, please get in touch.

Email me your name, address, email and phone number if your interested or contact me through my Facebook page Rachel Ashton Art.

Here is a link to my crowdfunding campaign, which was to raise money to pay for my first professionally recorded EP, it’s closed now, but you can read all about my music and band and you can still pre-order your CD by emailing me.

This is a link to the off-grid project in which I live and have lived for the last ten years. Unfortunately on the 5th of December 2016 it suffered a devastating fire which destroyed nearly all our buildings. But we are still on the land, now living in caravans, starting over, but with ten years of  experience and lessons learned. You can follow the progress here.


The following page is where you will find the kind of work found in Gallery:

The following page is where you will find the kind of work found in Gallery 2:

Here you can see my music videos:

And here you can buy my cards, though these are currently out of stock, new ones coming soon!

Find me on Instagram now too @rachelbrideashton


2 Responses to “Artist’s Statement, Workshops,Contact and Links”

  1. Terry Cleaver March 30, 2016 at 9:31 am #

    Dear Rachel, I run the Mill at Knockando and would to discuss the possibility of stocking your stunning art work, cards and possibly jewellery please. Kind regards Terry

    • rachelbrideashton March 30, 2016 at 2:10 pm #

      Hi Terry, thanks for the invite, I will email you.

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