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Rachel Bride Ashton – Artists Statement

What Freud calls the Id and internalised misogyny are two of the current themes in my work. I construct a hybrid of Blue Beard and the wolf of fairy tales to embody these concepts, the former is sometimes the sexual predator of our own psyche (the shadow self) and the latter the external predator (the patriarchy). He and his pink fleshy creatures cavort and incite sexual abuse in cyberspace. They stalk the natural woman whose unkept body hair is not socially acceptable; who’s breasts and body sag with age and childbearing and who’s face is not perfectly painted into the featureless mask of generic beauty which all women are expected to aspire to.

The objectification of women in advertising and on social media continues to cause us self-hatred. Drawing on examples like the depiction of the torture of St Agatha in Renaissance painting, I have created a cyclical creative process, where drawings, paintings and etchings generate characters, scenes, scenarios, masks and props. These precipitate a performance, which then becomes a poem, which creates sound and then video and back round again, defining and redefining the hybrid characterisation and the contexts. In my film The Bleeding Key, I layer music and text with my 2D work and play the wolf in its different guises. I obscenely and comically thrust, to an aggressive, word and image heavy soundtrack which forces us to consider with discomfort if we are not all part of the problem.




A collaborative project with my author father

Music and Video


More of my work can be seen here:

This is a link to the off-grid project on the land where I live and have lived since 2007. You can follow the progress here.

Buy Work


  1. Dear Rachel, I run the Mill at Knockando and would to discuss the possibility of stocking your stunning art work, cards and possibly jewellery please. Kind regards Terry

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