Clapping or Sacking?

The injustice of this on all fronts is staggering. Seems very recently we were all clapping the NHS? How the tide has turned in England anyway…

The overwhelmed and underfunded NHS still trying to cope with a pandemic and catch up with all the waiting operations etc… and they are seriously considering sacking 10% of their staff ??? The same people who worked horrendous hours and isolated from their families through much of 2020 and 2021 I presume???

Dr Steve James, the anaesthetist Doctor of Kings College Hospital London who has been an intensive care doctor all through the pandemic, and who told Sajid Javid that he wasn’t happy about vaccine mandates for NHS staff on Sky News recently and has at last started a conversation in the media about the ‘let’s vaccinate everyone policy’, though currently only in the right wing media. UPDATE – the Guardian has now written this article about the legal challenge he is now leading.

If you want to and can’t read the Spectator article he wrote, I will also post a picture of it and a video link to his interview on UnHerd, where he says a lot more. Sounds quite a sensible guy to me but I see he’s already being called ‘deluded’ and ‘an anti-vaxxers dream’, so I’m sure they’ll find a way of shutting him up soon enough, as they have with anyone else who dares to disagree.

Here’s the image of the article below.

The article below from the British Medical Journal in early December says ‘Evidence is insufficient to back mandatory NHS staff vaccination’.

Vid below – Dr Steve James on UnHerd (with useful time codes in the description).

Vid below – Sunetra Gupta (epidemiologist and also married to one of the epidemiologists that developed the AstraZeneca vaccine) on covid vaccines and why not everyone needs them.

If this graph is accurate, is this an insight into the demographics of the unvaccinated NHS staff as well? In which case this has other serious implications…

And here, from the latest Centre for Disease Control data, it’s clear that natural immunity is as protective as vaccine induced immunity. This means that surely now as Dr John Campbell says, there has got to be a change to the one size fits all vaccination policy and sort out proper antibody testing. This data is only up to November 2021 and there’s already evidence to show natural immunity lasts even longer. Is this in the main stream news yet? I haven’t seen it if it is. And will this stop the government sacking 10% of the NHS staff who are unvaccinated but who have been massively exposed to covid?

Dr John Campbell has been interpreting data from the beginning of the pandemic in an extremely clear and unbiased way. He is very pro-vaccine and very pro the covid vaccine too, but he is also asking the questions that need to be asked. He really should be one of the people advising the government as he is actually reading the data from the ONS and CDC. As someone said in the comments under this video, theres something very wrong when the most accurate news on the pandemic comes from a retired nurse instructor on YouTube.

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