Exhibitions, Events, Workshops, Talks and Achievements – Third Year – Semester 2

Events and Achievements

  • May 2021, Visited Aberdeen Art Galleries Collections.
  • April 2021, Attended Emma Talbots exhibition Ghost Calls, at the DCA, Dundee.
  • April 2021, Selected as a speaker for DJCAD’s IN-GEAR Conference, celebrations Woman’s History Month, presented paper – ‘Patriarchal Appropriation and Medicalisation of Childbirth in Contemporary Visual Art and Media Culture’
  • April 2021, Founding Member of new research forum for Intersectional Gender Equality in the Arts Research (IN-GEAR)
  • 2021, Attended the first consultation and became a part of DJCAD’s Re-Use Hub for more sustainable art-making
  • 2021, Attended a virtual guided tour of The Birth Rites Collection at Kings College London, curated by Helen Knowles.
  • March 2021, Attended an online drawing and text workshop with Jade Montserrat, in association with Hospitalfield.
  • February 2021, Attended an online talk hosted by Bluecoat – Maria Fusco’s ‘A Belly of Irreversibles’.
  • January 2021, Attended the launch of ‘Give Birth to me Tomorrow’ by Lux Scotland.
  • March 2021, Attended A focus group to discuss Luke Fowlers ‘All divided Selves’ with Erica Eyres at DJCAD.
  • February 2021, Attended two performance to Camera workshops with Pernille Spence and Erica Eyres at DJCAD.
  • April 2021, Recorded an interview for Christopher Adams, ‘Aberdeen Love-Letter’ for Subcity’s radio swap with Ariel radio, Aberdeen.

Solo Exhibitions

2021, The Mind of an Art Student, Virtual Exhibition – Psychobiomulchinate https://georgial0801.wixsite.com/the-mind-art-student/psychobiomulchinate

Collective Exhibitions

2021, Cooper Galleries Student Curatorial Teams Exhibition, Dundee – ‘Post Your Question’

2021, Third Year Student Exhibition, Fika Cafe, Perth Road, Dundee

2021, Submitted work to Generator Projects Annual Members Exhibition, Dundee

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